Affordable chemical testing



  • Sampling

    Practical samples and sampling methods

  • Processing

    Samples are processed through simplified, micro-scale, leading-edge workflows

  • Analysis

    One step push-button MALDI MS analysis

  • Data

    Optimized result generation with powerful signal processing, machine learning and proprietary databases

  • Results

    Delivery of validated, instinctively clear and actionable, statistically robust results

Features of MASSWERX Testing

  • Practical samples and sampling methods.
  • Samples are processed through simplified, micro-scale, leading-edge workflows.
  • One step push-button MALDI MS analysis.
  • Optimized result generation with powerful signal processing, machine learning, and proprietary database.
  • Delivery of validated, instinctively clear and actionable, statistically robust results.

This workflow emphasizes MALDI test kits, but DART MS testing solutions are also being developed.

Our tests require much small volumes of sample, are environment-friendly, employ simple steps that can easily be performed, utilize small but powerful instruments and deliver uncomplicated but comprehensive results driven by machine learning.