Transform Your Industry

MassWerx is introducing an industry changing, consumer focused mass spectrometer. With innovative implementation of proprietary machine learning techniques, these machines are ground breaking when it comes to putting result into your hands. Instead of sending in samples to a lab such as MassWerx, run incredibly accurate testing from your office. This saves time and money.

Clinical Testing

Delivery of a constantly expanding array of critical clinical chemistry tests and ongoing development of powerful new targeted and untargeted tests

Veterinary and Forensic

We are developing tests to meet the evolving needs of these communities

Food and Agriculture

A wide array of tests aimed at food and beverage safety, authenticity, quality and origin, including food fraud testing


Testing applications to meet critical environmental needs

Engineering and Manufacturing

Diverse applications, including polymer characterization and contamination analysis in development and manufacturing of hardware


Applications that introduce the next generation of scientists to the power of benchtop mass spectrometry